Google reviews in 2023 have become a standard of quality of service. It clearly defines the brand reputation and online presence of any business. Undoubtedly, it holds immense power for marketers as well as business owners around the world. 

If you are still not sure, listen to the statistics. Findstack has revealed that 72% of customers say they use Google reviews to find businesses. 

In fact, brands and businesses now also embed Google reviews on their website. Upon asking, they say a Google review widget on the website helps them to secure social proof for their business. 

So, if you are still not putting an emphasis on Google reviews now is the time to change this attitude. In this blog, we are going to walk you through some of the best ways to fetch Google reviews for your business. Without beating around the business, let's dive right into it. 

5 DIY Tips You Can Use To Get More Google Reviews 

As a business owner, we know you love being independent. In such a situation, your only rescue is a set of absolute DIY (Do It Yourself) Google review strategies. 

Google Reviews is the largest portal for online reviews. And it is a great way for your customer reviews to express their views and opinions about your business. Before you start applying any type of strategy, you should know that you must have your arms and ears open when your customers come to you. The below-mentioned strategies are easily viable. 

1. Begin By Asking From Your Customers

The best way to encourage your customers to leave a Google review for you is to just ask them once. Most of the customers are willing to leave feedback, your job is to remind you. The first thing that you need to do is to figure out who your regular customer is. It is obvious that your regular customers are happy with your services. 

You just have to navigate them through the process. One way to ensure you get enough Google reviews is to create a roadmap for the entire process. You should first decide when you want your customers to leave feedback for your business. Keep a templated response for them just to fill the customer in while asking for a review. 

2. Ask For Reviews On Receipts 

Do you know you can easily ask your customers without being vocal about it? 

Each time a customer buys from your business, you can ask them to leave feedback on your digital receipts or printed receipts as well. You can add a review request on the bill either in the form of a QR code redirecting them to the review platform. You can keep these templates on your receipts: 

  • How was your visit? Tell us 
  • Show your support 
  • Did you love your visit? Leave us a review! 
  • Local support keeps us going. Leave a review here 
  • Support local business—Leave a review here 
  • Help others find us—Leave a review here

3. Show, Don’t Tell 

Another great way of getting enough google reviews is to show your customers you are receiving them. And the best way to do that is to embed Google reviews on websites. 

Let’s be honest, your website is your portfolio for your customers. If your customers do not have the trusting factor on your website, your visitors might jump to your competitor’s websites. 

When you showcase Google reviews on a website, you promote the bandwagon effect for your business. A clear example of the bandwagon effect is when people see a comment on social media that received a lot of likes or upvotes, they become more likely to upvote it themself. 

Similarly, after watching a Google review widget on your website, your customers are likely to leave a review for your business.

Google does not have a widget for this but you can opt for any social media aggregator tool to embed Google reviews on your website. 

4. Respond To Google Reviews 

Responding to Google reviews is one of the moving factors of the success of your business. You must thank your clients for their support of your company if you want to keep them happy. This enables you to establish a trustworthy working relationship with them. You must respond to all reviews, regardless of their nature. We understand that coming across negative reviews can be tough for you. But sincerity lies in responding smartly to their inconvenience. 

This enhances your reputation as a brand that is proactive, ready to act whenever necessary, and takes customer feedback seriously.

When you respond to a customer, you improve their experience and increase the likelihood that they will recommend your company to others.

5. Ask For Reviews On Social Media 

Social media platforms are a great platform to break the ice with your customers. It is a great place for conversational marketing and transparency. As a business owner, if you're present on social media platforms (YOU MUST), you can ask your customers to leave feedback for your business. You can also provide them with a shortcut link to land them on the platform. 

In A Nutshell

Getting as many Google reviews for your company as possible is a strong strategy to win your client's trust. It will help you grow your company in a variety of ways and serve as a free brand ambassador for your company. A wonderful additional advantage of receiving more reviews is increasing your search engine rankings

All you have to do is have your company receive Google reviews for your business. Later, you can integrate Google reviews into the website. The Google review widget is the best approach to connecting with potential clients.

We have mentioned the most achievable DIY strategies to fetch Google reviews for your business. So go ahead and put them to use to expand your company.